We are a young Chilean Professionals Team, and have founded in the year 2004 our first office in the City-Port of Valparaiso, Chile, for develop Exports of Chilean products of high quality.

During these 10 years, the develop of international business, allowed us have a portfolio of Chilean products, recognized like products of high quality, and establish associations and partnership for the ivnestments in the production, and process of fruits, also establish process of seafood and establish Joint Ventures in the mining area.

At present, we have three Divisions for develop our activity:

1.- Exports

2.- Production of Fruits and Seafood, this is done, through of partnership and developing investments for this area.

3.- Projects and Develop of Joint Ventures, with focus in mining area




Our mission of short term is satisface with our best effort to our clients, suppliying to them of our portfolio of products.

Our mission of middle and long term is, complement this effort, with the develop of own plants of process, and so, together to the partnership with our associates, give fast and the best delivery time of the products (harvest or extraction, process, packaging and shipment), and so, can keep high standard that allow a strong and solid work in the Exports of our Chilean producst.



Our vision is be considered by our clients and potencials clients as a group of Chilean Companies serious that can exports from Chile the best Chilean products



Reesegroup, E-Mail: contacto@reesegroup.cl - Valparaiso - Chile