We can offer, seafood and another acuatic products of high quality of Chilean origin.

For this, we develop very good partnership with plant of process and specialist professionals that can make the best control in the extraction, cold process or dried (seaweed), packaging and shipment.

At present, we can offer from Chile the following:

1.- Fresh and Frozen Sea Urchin, with quality A-B and C grade

- Harvest date for extraction and shipment:: April - October


2.- Dried Seaweed: Lessonias Nigrescens and Trabeculata, Macrosystis, Durvillaea Antarctica (cochayuyo), Gigartina Skottsbergii (red luga)


3.- Another products of the sea, like kingcrab, salmon is per order and depend of availaibility of product.


* Important is consider the conditions of weather and market for availability of these products.

Sea Urchin

Fresh: By airway
Frozen: By airway and seaway

Qualities: A-B and C grade

(*: some time the bad weather delay the extraction and process of this products)


Lessonias Nigrescens, 26 ton in container 40'
Lessonias Trabeculata 25 ton in container 40'
Macrosystis 17 ton in container 40'
Durvillaea Antarctica 6 ton in container 40'
Gigartina Skottsbergii 25 ton in container 40'

Delivery: Normally 18-25-30 days
Depending of place of extraction

(*: some time the bad weather delay the extraction and process of this products



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