One of our companies, start Exporting Fresh Fruits in the year 2007, with operations of exports to several countries of Asian and European markets. The main fresh frutis exported are apples, cherries and grapes.

We have developed very good partnership with Growers and Packing House, this allow us, choose and make packinging fruit of high quality, because we buy production in orchards, making control of all process for can shipment fruit requested by our clienst.

At present, we can offer shipment from Chile, the following:

1.- Fresh Fruits: Appels, Cherries and Grapes

- Harvest date and sihpment per fruit:

Cherriess: Nov 23th - Dec 25th

Grapes: January - April

Apples: March - July


2.- Dried and Deshidrated Fruits: Raisins and Walnuts


* Important is consider the conditions of weather and market for availability of these products.

Varieties: Bing and another
Package: Carton box 5 Net Kg
By Airway: Pallet of 120 cartons
By Seaway: Pallet of 176 cartons


Varieties: Red Globe, T.Seedless Package: Carton box 8.2 Net Kg
By Seaway: Pallet 108 cartons
Varieties: Red apple, R.Gala, Green
Package: Carton box 18-19 Net Kg
By seaway: Pallet 49-56 cartons



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